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David – Let’s Defy Gravity… (by david the photographer)

That’s what they asked me! Eszter and Jonah joined in chorus and said let’s go one better, we’ve done a trampoline – give us some more, let’s make a show. Okay so I had an idea…Retrospectively, an expensive one, a complicated one, a mildly dangerous one, but guaranteed to be an exciting one! We recently hosted another Mission Open Studio weekend in our San Francisco Studio and had to come up with something that was sure to entertain a crowd.

News was in of a fellow Australian, newly contracted to the acclaimed San Francisco Ballet was in town – prime target!! Too easy – one cell call, amazing bloke, instant connection, he says yes. So we make it happen – we do trampoline, music, rain shower, big crowd. He does, well….just the unbelievable, we are in awe of his human movement. Just some behind the scenes for now, completed shots to follow. Thank you, Luke Ingham.

Raining on Luke

A footnote…in the crowd is proud mother of Luke, Jo, all the way from Mt. Gambier, South Australia. We entertained them in our house that week, prior to her return to Australia, you guys are just GREAT!

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