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Get It Out There! (by Jonahpod. Super assist)

Photography is an ever-evolving field. Larger camera sensors, higher megapixel counts, sharper and faster lenses, wireless lighting systems, integrated camera and computer software – the list goes on and on. Even the relationship between client and photographer has been drastically altered: a software program was recently released that, quite literally, puts your current image capture in the hands of the client via their iPhone or iPad for them to instantaneously yay or nay. A bit frightening if you ask me. But one aspect that has undergone some of the most significant change is the way we, as photographers, sell our product. Almost gone are the days of hand delivering beautiful custom-made photo portfolios to art directors and photo editors; these days, one may hand over an iPad with a pre-loaded portfolio instead, or direct creatives to a website. Even within the past five years, there has been a dramatic shift in the rules of running a successful photography business, almost all of which are centered around an online presence.

So much of what we do, and how we promote our business and work, is based on the web. Websites tell a story of our style – what we shoot and how we shoot it; a Facebook business page allows us to connect to all of our ‘likers’ – friends, family, fans; a LinkedIn business page allows us to connect with potential client leads or creative agencies; a FoundFolio, Behance, and Photoserve online gallery help bring the agency creatives and artists closer together by giving the creatives direct access to a virtual yellow-pages of artists; and then there’s always the blog, keeping all of the aforementioned informed of the day-to-day workings and behind-the-scene glimpses of a busy photography business. So while it may seem trivial for a photographer to create a Facebook or LinkedIn business page, you never know who just might stumble across your page. That chance encounter on Facebook or LinkedIn may drive them to the website. After loving the site and work, they may go to work at an agency or company that is looking for a photographer for a major advertising campaign. And bam! You’ve just been hired to work a big job, all because of the your online presence.

So what I’m really trying to say is, make sure you’re utilizing any and every tool at your fingertips. There are so many outlets to help maximize your exposure to your target audience. And while the field of photography has become a much more crowded arena as of late, separating yourself from the crowd by strategically utilizing these online tools can help make all the difference. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, an artist, a musician, or a Fortune 500 company – gaining exposure via online presence is imperative these days.

And with that being said, our friends over at Gallery Stock recently included us in their Red Dot IX: New Talent online portfolio, so check us out here! We’re on page 38-39! Woohoo! And if you’re interested, check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, FoundFolios, Photoserve, and Behance pages!

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