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Behind the scenes

The year has started in earnest here in San Francisco, bookings, scheduling new shoots, personal work, client connections, studio maintenance and the dreaded paperwork. Eszter is on a manic retouching schedule to finalize the 4 jobs she is juggling at the moment and I’m working hard to hold down the fort and the demands of 2 kids, who just missed a heck of schooling – great life but can get a little complicated at times!! Thought I’d put together a summer inspired post from our recent Bali job, including some new shots just coming out of post production and some BTS.

Family_Prints 8

Family_Prints 9

Family_Prints 12


Family_Prints 7


New work Double Six, Bali.


New work Double Six, Bali.

Sling_Bar_Long_74 copy

Sling Bar, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.


Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.

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The last few months seem like they have been a perpetual visit to some of northern California’s most beautiful places for work, it has seen us shooting in Calistoga, Yountville, Napa Valley, Bolinas, and San Anselmo.

WS_Bolinas 30

Overlooking Bolinas

My favourite of late was shooting in the waterside town of Bolinas, the drive their from our home in Potrero Hill is epic, be it under blue skies and sun, or fog engulfed and cold.

Our shoot there 2 few weeks ago, over the course of 3 days days ensured we had equal doses of both sun and rain!  An amazing location and a super crew guaranteed a great shoot.

WS_Bolinas 32

Steady hand needed.

One of the highlights was the collaboration and new connection with an amazingly talented stylist from the East Coast Heather Chontos. Suffice to say when the stylist is still in your living room at 2.00am after an 8.00am start you are getting along.  Check out her fabulous work here Heather Chontos. we really look forward to the next project Heather. Loved you!!

WS_Bolinas 31

How did I become talent?


Not to be short changed was our uber talented food stylist George Dolese who has generously offered to consult on design for a new commercial kitchen in the studio.

WS_Bolinas 33

Goodbye sun.


WS_Bolinas 22

Location, location.


WS_Bolinas 2




Thanks to you both.

Love E&D









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At Edge Face-to-Face. What a great night!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Stock Exchange Tower, San Francisco

Eszter and I spent Monday evening on the 10th floor of the San Francisco Stock Exchange Tower showcasing our work, along with an amazing array of AtEdge photographers to the best creatives and art buyers the bay area has in our third invitation to Face to Face. As usual it was an impeccably presented night by our good friends at AtEdge, a great line up of industry creatives and art buyers, a free flowing bar and more food than could be consumed.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

David, Eszter & Kim Knight

To Glen Serbin, Susan Baraz and Elizabeth Owen a big thank you. To fellow photographers out there thinking about becoming apart of AtEdge we give them the highest thumbs up, the new Microview 43 has just mailed out and it is a thrill to be in it and see the quality of work out there in the industry today, alongside that the chance to have one on one meetings with the best creatives in the country makes it a very appealing party to belong to.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Face to Face in progress

It was especially enjoyable for us to again meet so many of the local creatives and a big thank you to the following, Whitney Baez, Justine Barnes,Vince Engel, Chase Madrid, Shelley Parsons, Dan Southwick and Michelle Spear Nicholson, and yes we will take you all up on those personal agency meetings you invited us to attend in the coming weeks. What’s more you have all been true to your word about inviting us to see your office colleagues, will be seeing you in a week or so!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Latest Microview book pg295

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Eszter with a Diego Rivera

See you soon. David the photographer…..

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Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter break, a special time to spend with family and friends.

On_Location 5

Love Eszter and David

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It’s Friday afternoon and I am sitting here on a sun drenched makeshift production table  at the rear of my home over looking a garden that is materializing into a jungle of greenery at an amazing rate now that Spring is in full force. It is a garden that I have cultivated in a few short months since purchasing our first home here in San Francisco and i must confess it has consumed me.

Undoubtedly the powers of OCD have been in full force in our new home.  Between the garden rebirth, a rebuild of  the kitchen and in general a complete house overhaul, my ability to keep my side of blogging duties alive has faltered…….. Now April 18th is staring at me, it’s time for an update, best done in several small doses so you can see what we’ve been up too.

We kicked of January in San Francisco shooting for the first week in Studio before heading down Highway One to Santa Barbara (still one of my favourite places to shoot) for another week continuing the Potterybarn Summer catalog we had started.

Santa Barbara 12


It’s a great gig when the team ends up based at a waterfront mansion overlooking the Pacific, dolphins playing in the water out front and lunch breaks are spent strolling the beach with your partner!  Even better when the kids have made the journey down with us and get beach time and seeing the folks work all rolled into one. Here’s a collection of random shots on the road, at location and then some of the finished product just to show you a little of our life.




EmptyName 6











Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.43.14 AM




Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.43.26 AM


EmptyName 48



Straight from here we headed to LA for our next shoot. Stay tuned.


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Such a pleasure to be chosen by the PhotoServe peeps to feature in this months PDN with a quarter page ad!! Thanks guys!


Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.57.18 AM

PDN feature




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When I bumped into some old neighbors today who I hadn’t seen in months and Mauricio delicately asked how work was for us I said ‘Great! Never been busier! Most crazed, intense start to any year since we 2 have been a team!’ He seemed relieved and said that he checks out the blog from time to time and noting our utter absence of CONTENT (that dastardly word that niggles at me constantly!) was wondering whether we were either way too busy to create that CONTENT, or in fact just didn’t have anything to create it around. So here goes for the first post and from here on in we will try to maintain a definite flow!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 7.35.12 PM


In February we had the exciting pleasure of shooting with LEVY dance for their upcoming show Soar. Our location was Candlestick Park and we trundled up at 5am for a shoot that would last only half an hour – that was all that there was of the light that we wanted- so it was fast and furious and meticulously planned. Thanks to Tom Hood, Meg Neville, Preston Nesbit for getting up at the crack and helping us achieve what we saw in our little minds!!

And now for some fairly ordinary iPhone-behind-the scenes-shots  just to give an idea of what it was like at dawn down there. The extreme beauty made  the earliness of the hour pretty palatable really!




photo 4


photo 3




See the final shots in the Sport + Dance section of our website!!






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How quickly the snap came!  Just back in town from a skiing trip with the family to Breckenridge, Colorado where I thought it was cold but it’s got nothing on San Francisco this week. Find myself bunkered in the studio heat at full tilt and repainting in full swing. Thought I’d post some BTS imagery from a recent month spent in NY, Hamptons and Montauk. If you are ever up that way the places to stay are the Surf Lodge and the Montauk Yacht Club, your location scout should be  Jenny Landey Locations. She gave us endless possibilities and discreetly managed to showcase us the Kennedy compound!!

Mantauk_BTS 17

Mantauk_BTS 27

Mantauk_BTS 20



Montauk 57

Mantauk_BTS 68

Montauk 10

Montauk 60

Montauk 6

Mantauk_BTS 55




Great memories, looking forward to doing it all over again.

Thanks to a great crew – all of you – to many to name. Well thats a cop out here I go Eszter Matheson, Reid Erickson, Matthew Jernigan, Jen Vannetta, Brian Andriola, Rebecca Summer, Dara Donovan, Laura Zanotti, Joel Lively, Jenny Landey, Chris McCarthy, Christopher Winn, Helen Crowther, Mario serafin, Jessica Richardson, and a dozen models whose names I have honestly forgotten. A big crew YES.

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