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I feel really privileged that we have been commissioned to photograph 3 x QT Hotel properties within the last 12 months. That good fortune continued recently when we ventured back to Queensland, Australia and the famed Surfers Paradise strip. The QT Gold Coast was our latest project we’ve collaborated on. “Nostalgic surfer chic meets Miami  catwalk cool” reads  the banner line introducing the hotel website. With that as a temptation, I was sure a good shoot would materialize. Here’s just a small sample of imagery we produced. View our website for more from the shoot. Check out their Instagram #qt_hotels #qtgoldcoast #qtlife

Again I had the opportunity to travel with great mate and creative collaborator Tom Hood, who just makes life and shooting so much easier, I am forever grateful to have him on board for these crazy hospitality shoots that run to no convention timing schedule. Thanks for your flexibility mate. BTS below.

Point break waves on approach to Surfers Paradise…..

Sand and surf for miles.

Essential production vehicle.

Good morning elevator.

Beach patrol.

A long way down.


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Pleased to see imagery from our recent shoot at QT Museum Wellington, New Zealand finally making it’s way to the website and advertising for the re launch of the hotel.


We travelled to Wellington earlier this year on a commission to photograph the hotel under the new banner of QT Museum Wellington. This unique property now joining the portfolio of QT properties. Straight from their site it reads, ” Fall down the rabbit hole into an explosion of color and texture at Wellington’s new design-driven Hotel, QT Museum Wellington. Our walls host a curated collection of high & low brow art sitting in a stunning harbourside location & engulfed  by vines and vivd ivy.”

“Your new Wellington creative hub is the epitome of cool luxury – high tech, sophisticated spaces & a paradise for foodies. Go beyond your boundaries as you are challenged by the scale of our art while experiencing the comfort of having the modern traveller needs at your fingertips.”


Art, design, curiosities and a dash of the absurd – QT Museum Wellington.

Travelled with great mate and collaborator Tom Hood, as always we managed to mix a heavy dose of photography work with some downtime exploring the Martinborough wine region, in the South Wairarapa outside of Wellington. Thanks for the detailed research of finding some superb Pinot Noir destination’s Tom, favorite and stand out for me was 2014 John Martin Pinot Noir. Travel snaps below.






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I guess to me the best assignments are the one s that find us not only back home in Australia, but better still see me on assignment in my home town of Melbourne, Australia. Such was the case on my December jaunt, and assignment for the QT Hotel chain, one of my favorite clients of all time! There simply is no better client to work for than the Managing Director of Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited, the enigmatic Mr David Seargeant, an industry legend and all around great guy. Very seldom are you given the brief of, “just do what you do – I know ‘ll love what I get”. Seems simple enough but the psychology that runs far deeper, Mr Seargeant  always throws out the gauntlet to make each new shoot even better than the last, and therefore we always dig a little deeper. In this case it meant running a few 16 – 20 hours shifts to achieve what we were chasing. On assignment at a fully operational hotel running at 100% is always a mighty challenge but one that we revel in. Here’s just a glimpse of what we were able to achieve.










Thanks for the faith yet again David Seargeant and to all on premise at QT Melbourne for go the extra few yards with us. Look forward to continuing the fertile relationship.



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I was recently asked by a potential hotel client if I could explain how “eszter and david” work together on shoot days, and how are our images produced. My response was to pull up a few examples of our work and take them back to their essence – before and after scenarios.

As a duo we collaborate intensively on shoots for start to finish. My general roll is that of photographer and all that that entails, with Eszter’s role a little broader, encompassing pre production, overseeing digital technicians, on set producer and ultimately retouching all our imagery. Hotel work is fast and furious, generally with lots of hurdles along the way, in most cases we are working with a partially built and sparingly furnished construction site. In order for our clients to have a marketing campaign and print ads out as a lead up to hotel opening dates we usually shoot during final stages of construction and have to be fast, nimble and accommodating to construction workers, designers, staff training, management and a host of hourly visitors all with their own agendas and looming deadlines. We will always start with a pre production walk through on arrival and begin to scope and build a library of potential shoot angles with a hand held camera trying to create a cohesive narrative that best showcases the property. This then gets edited and built into a document we present to our client to showcase our vision. From there we begin creating a shoot schedule based around accessibility, talent, weather and host of other variables.

Following I have collated a selection of initial scouting snaps, followed by the final images. What a difference a little production, lighting, talent and retouching/ post production can do.

66_BTS 15


66_BTS 11


66_BTS 7


66_BTS 23


66_BTS 20


66_BTS 9


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Great to see some imagery we shot for the boys at Trick Dog bar in San Francisco being put to good use. Travel and Leisure’s current issue showcases the best bars and nightspots across the globe. When it comes to SF of course Trick Dog is right up there on top. To Scott Baird, Josh Harris, Morgan Schick, the Bon Vivants well done boys, you are the cocktail geniuses. Drinks on you next time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.29.47 PM


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Coming hot off posting the advertising print ads, billboard and OOH components of one of our recent hotel shoots Double Six, Bali. I thought it might be informative to reveal that more often than not now our hotel clients are requesting us to produce and capture a greater volume of imagery than ever before.Once it may have been collateral rooms shots only, maybe hero shots of main areas of the hotel as promotional tools, maybe add in some candid shots of talent enjoying the hotels offerings, with maybe two or three hero images. That seems to have changed, our most recent hotel project involved producing a library of more than 100 images to satisfy the vast array of media requirements facing any new hotel, and with insane deadlines to match, quite literally at times shooting and post producing on set within an hour to meet a print deadline for a magazine issue in another country so the hotel can capitalize on a “latest issue”. Images require immediacy to fulfill social media platforms that run 24/7 and can provide instant recognition of the new hot spot. This all before an art department officially gets its hands on shots for campaign work. This amazing project had us cover every conceivable image option, ranging from full talent based billboard and campaign imagery, to hospitality venues, food and drinks, room shots in every conceivable variant and staff and management promotional shots. What once was the “all in a day’s work” motto has become “all in a few week’s work” And let me tell you, we are not complaining, we love what we do and love doing it.

Here’s a random mix of what we achieved on the Double Six Hotel shoot.





















That’s just a sample selection of imagery from an all encompassing project, looking back at it retrospectively, I am so glad I had several years shooting editorially, honing my skills across a variety of mediums, light sources and subjects. Believe me when I say every ounce of experience learned was drawn upon at some point during this shoot. Our personal favorites are on our site.

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It’s always good to see the efforts of your labour begin to bear fruit. Our extensive project in Bali, Double Six Hotel, shot over two trips last year has begun rolling out print and OOH campaigns. Here is a selection of whats come out in recent weeks.






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The year has started in earnest here in San Francisco, bookings, scheduling new shoots, personal work, client connections, studio maintenance and the dreaded paperwork. Eszter is on a manic retouching schedule to finalize the 4 jobs she is juggling at the moment and I’m working hard to hold down the fort and the demands of 2 kids, who just missed a heck of schooling – great life but can get a little complicated at times!! Thought I’d put together a summer inspired post from our recent Bali job, including some new shots just coming out of post production and some BTS.

Family_Prints 8

Family_Prints 9

Family_Prints 12


Family_Prints 7


New work Double Six, Bali.


New work Double Six, Bali.

Sling_Bar_Long_74 copy

Sling Bar, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.


Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.

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Big shout out to all the staff and crew at Double Six Luxury Hotel, Bali wishing you all the best for your grand opening launch party tonight. Sincerely hope it all goes well. Great to see the site starting to populate with our imagery and look forward to seeing the advertising campaigns roll out. Very are very excited that we will be back there in the coming months to complete the project.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.05.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.05.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.12 PM

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Just came across this clever reworking of some of our imagery shot last year for QT Hotel in Sydney, Australia. It felt a little weird to  stumble upon this the day I sent a bid to another hotel client In Indonesia, and just prior to us jetting off to Bali for stage 2 of the Double-Six Hotel project.

Check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqOd7TCW_sE

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.44.41 PM

QT Hotel video



Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.42.06 PM

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