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Just back from a great 2 week shoot in Bali for the fabulous Double Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali with equal doses of suntan and exhaustion.What great way to spend your working days.

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This shoot had it all, plentiful gorgeous talent, ranging from Russians, a Spaniard, a Czechoslovakian, Indonesian and Javanese coupled with our Australian accents and throw in an assistant from California, we were truly the United nations at work. We managed to shoot underwater, under stars, inside restaurants, atop Vespa’s and overlooking astonishing Balinese sunsets and that was only the first stage of the shoot. We head back again next month to complete the shoot when the luxurious rooftop bar opens, making it the largest rooftop bar in the southern hemisphere.

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Here’s a random selection documenting what we were up to. Fun times had by all and sincere thanks to the numerous collaborators on the crew that made it all happen. see you all in the land of sunsets in a few weeks.

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Its been weeks, well, months of madness for E&D lately!

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Just back in town from Indonesia, then up to Sonoma, Pacific Heights and just wrapped a Pharma job in Milley Valley. Now breathe this week as we get back into some mounting  paperwork, printing, promotions and finally will get to set up the new studio that has laid almost dormant for the past 4 months.

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Had great time in Los Angeles shooting with PBTEEN for a week and wanted to post some BTS. Worked with Matthew Jernigan, ace producer Jen Vannetta a great crew, amazing set builders and very cool model. It was great to be able to again shoot PBTEEN’S collaborative branding venture with LA rocking style girls Emily&Meritt.

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Staying at the Standard on Sunset Blvd and having the studio literally blocks away meant our, well, let’s say effervescent crew knew the poolside bar staff on first name basis by the time the week ended. Great crew, great results, very well received by the client, win win…

1396827196.928004.11Needless to say that the above picture orientation was no mistake, it’s about how my head felt after the week and the insane schedule we have had of late. But I LOVE it!

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Our recent LA shoot with Mr Brad Goreski has hit the stands this week. The talented and uber stylish Brad Goreski kept us throughly entertained all day long. Be sure to check him out at MrBradGoreski, the site is a hoot.

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