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Happened to have 2 of these land on the doorstep last week. New drop of At-Edge Macroview 17 and launch issue of Found Volume One. Excited to see both spreads.

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It really seems like we have been on the rolling roadshow for the past month getting out and selling our wares across the country visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas. Yes, it’s that part of the business that none of us really loves, booking portfolio shows and personal meetings!  But we do know what works in this game; face to face connections. There is nothing quite like getting yourself right in front of industry creatives, sharing stories about your images, your working style and their current projects. It is amazing how quickly that elevator speech comes together when you have churned it out so many times in a row!  This last month has been tremendously rewarding for us having had the opportunity to personally meet somewhere near 50-60, creatives, print producers, art buyers and agency folk and seeing it turn into working opportunities with jobs booked and bids in. We understand everybody’s time is so precious now so we would like to personally thank all those in the industry who made time to see us in recent weeks.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here’s a little look at life on the road in Vegas. And yes that does say $250,000.00 for a bottle of 30L Bottle of “Ace of Spades” poolside at the SLS Hotel, Las Vegas.


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Wow a lot happens when ones work takes them on the road for 5-6 weeks!! Having left the Bay area Thanksgiving week with kid’s in tow for a working trip to Boulder and a side trip to Vail for skiing practice. Then immediately heading downunder to drop the kid’s and u-turning back up to Bali to finish a huge hotel assignment for Double Six Luxury Hotel, we find ourselves back in SF minus our two favourite local food haunts, namely Chez Papa in Potrero Hill, and Local’s Corner in the Mission right by our studio. Having become very friendly with Timmy, Chef de Cuisine at Local’s Corner after recently photographing him shortly before leaving; returning home to find both he and the restaurant gone was a sad day indeed. Wishing you all the best Timmy in your new ventures in Seattle. Take a moment to read the following article on the “demise of Local’s Corner”. Disappointing to read, but urban change and revitalization are a part of life.


Here’s a couple of Timmy’s portraits and my gorgeous stand in Eszter!!





The gorgeous Eszter.

The gorgeous Eszter.

  Miss you guys.

David and Eszter.


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Big shout out to all the staff and crew at Double Six Luxury Hotel, Bali wishing you all the best for your grand opening launch party tonight. Sincerely hope it all goes well. Great to see the site starting to populate with our imagery and look forward to seeing the advertising campaigns roll out. Very are very excited that we will be back there in the coming months to complete the project.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.05.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.05.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.04.12 PM

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Just back from a great 2 week shoot in Bali for the fabulous Double Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali with equal doses of suntan and exhaustion.What great way to spend your working days.

Bali_blog 5

This shoot had it all, plentiful gorgeous talent, ranging from Russians, a Spaniard, a Czechoslovakian, Indonesian and Javanese coupled with our Australian accents and throw in an assistant from California, we were truly the United nations at work. We managed to shoot underwater, under stars, inside restaurants, atop Vespa’s and overlooking astonishing Balinese sunsets and that was only the first stage of the shoot. We head back again next month to complete the shoot when the luxurious rooftop bar opens, making it the largest rooftop bar in the southern hemisphere.

Bali_blog 9

Bali_blog 8

Bali_blog 2

Bali_blog 3

Bali_blog 10

Here’s a random selection documenting what we were up to. Fun times had by all and sincere thanks to the numerous collaborators on the crew that made it all happen. see you all in the land of sunsets in a few weeks.

Bali_blog 4

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Its been weeks, well, months of madness for E&D lately!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.28.56 PM


Just back in town from Indonesia, then up to Sonoma, Pacific Heights and just wrapped a Pharma job in Milley Valley. Now breathe this week as we get back into some mounting  paperwork, printing, promotions and finally will get to set up the new studio that has laid almost dormant for the past 4 months.

PB_Teen 26

Had great time in Los Angeles shooting with PBTEEN for a week and wanted to post some BTS. Worked with Matthew Jernigan, ace producer Jen Vannetta a great crew, amazing set builders and very cool model. It was great to be able to again shoot PBTEEN’S collaborative branding venture with LA rocking style girls Emily&Meritt.

PB_Teen 17


Staying at the Standard on Sunset Blvd and having the studio literally blocks away meant our, well, let’s say effervescent crew knew the poolside bar staff on first name basis by the time the week ended. Great crew, great results, very well received by the client, win win…

1396827196.928004.11Needless to say that the above picture orientation was no mistake, it’s about how my head felt after the week and the insane schedule we have had of late. But I LOVE it!

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Just back in town from a great 2 weeks shooting in Bali for the new Double Six Luxury Hotel, great client, great brand, great new hotel. Now that shoot had it all, interiors, exteriors, models, casting, production, underwater photography and our 2 kids along for the ride! With such a hectic shoot we did need to indulge in a little downtime with a stay at Villa Mitzu courtesy of the very generous, Robert Marchetti and Jeremy Ferris. But as is my usual MO, I needed to take more pics. Grabbed myself an underwater housing and a handsome Spaniard and eszteranddavid were back to work!!

Here’s a couple of unretouched pics straight from the camera, can’t wait to see where Eszter takes these in post production. We will post results when they are at hand.

Jason_Villa_Mitzu 22


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 7


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 8


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 5


David the photographer.

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Just received news from our good friend Nick Molloy at Found Folio that they have selected us as a winner in their April Trends Collection entitled DELUGE see it here The image is apart of our continuing fascination with rainfall and showcases Mike Powell, America’s most winningest Lacrosse Player, and Easton sports. Thanks to the team at Found Folio for their great work in promoting their members. By David.



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It’s been a very hectic few months in and out of the studio. A highlight of last month was the collaboration with some of San Francisco’s most talented dancers to produce imagery and a live event in the form of a interactive photographic shoot. Our goal was to raise funds and build upon our portfolio of dance imagery.


Combining creative talents we hosted a charity  night in our Mission District studio to raise funds and awareness of cancer prevention. The beneficiary, The Cancer Prevention Institute of California were presented with 24 signature prints to be made available for sale. Our charity evening was a precursor to the Get In Front Dance Performance held annually at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco were all the prints were sold.


It is always such a pleasure to be involved in giving something back to the community when you have ability to do so. We look forward very much to collaborating again next year with Garen Scribner, Margaret Karl and James Sofranko each of whom are either current or past members of the phenomenal San Francisco Ballet.

Get_In_Front 28

Get_In_Front 24

Get_In_Front 34

Get_In_Front 22

Get_In_Front 1

Get_In_Front 2

Please visit Get In Front and donate.


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Somehow this little gem slipped through the cracks!!


On a recent trip to New York shooting, whilst staying at Nu Hotel in Brooklyn my morning stroll landed me at the waters edge, and if the Manhattan skyline in the early hours of the morning wasn’t enough to inspired by, I stumbled across THE FENCE at photoville, and completely lost track of time.


Visit the site, read about and view the incredible work. A must see if you are lucky enough to land yourself in by any chance. My favorite images were a series shot by Sam Comen entitled “Lost Hills”, check out his website, his stunningly vibrant portraiture is entrancing. In fact take the time to go through each of the artists that appear in the competition, truly amazing stuff and a goal of mine in the coming months is to shoot a series to submit to next years event. Would love to have our images gracing the fence!!



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