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Devastated to hear of the closure of Local’s Corner. Sad, sad and a little more sad!

Wow a lot happens when ones work takes them on the road for 5-6 weeks!! Having left the Bay area Thanksgiving week with kid’s in tow for a working trip to Boulder and a side trip to Vail for skiing practice. Then immediately heading downunder to drop the kid’s and u-turning back up to Bali to finish a huge hotel assignment for Double Six Luxury Hotel, we find ourselves back in SF minus our two favourite local food haunts, namely Chez Papa in Potrero Hill, and Local’s Corner in the Mission right by our studio. Having become very friendly with Timmy, Chef de Cuisine at Local’s Corner after recently photographing him shortly before leaving; returning home to find both he and the restaurant gone was a sad day indeed. Wishing you all the best Timmy in your new ventures in Seattle. Take a moment to read the following article on the “demise of Local’s Corner”. Disappointing to read, but urban change and revitalization are a part of life.


Here’s a couple of Timmy’s portraits and my gorgeous stand in Eszter!!





The gorgeous Eszter.

The gorgeous Eszter.

  Miss you guys.

David and Eszter.


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