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Get In Front, Our Studio, Mission District, San Francisco

It’s been a very hectic few months in and out of the studio. A highlight of last month was the collaboration with some of San Francisco’s most talented dancers to produce imagery and a live event in the form of a interactive photographic shoot. Our goal was to raise funds and build upon our portfolio of dance imagery.


Combining creative talents we hosted a charity  night in our Mission District studio to raise funds and awareness of cancer prevention. The beneficiary, The Cancer Prevention Institute of California were presented with 24 signature prints to be made available for sale. Our charity evening was a precursor to the Get In Front Dance Performance held annually at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco were all the prints were sold.


It is always such a pleasure to be involved in giving something back to the community when you have ability to do so. We look forward very much to collaborating again next year with Garen Scribner, Margaret Karl and James Sofranko each of whom are either current or past members of the phenomenal San Francisco Ballet.

Get_In_Front 28

Get_In_Front 24

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Please visit Get In Front and donate.


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