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Sometimes you just have to get away!! (by david the photographer)

With the sudden change in the temperature here in San Francisco it’s hard to imagine that only a month ago we were canoeing the Sierra’s in search of locations, and swimming at every stop. As we are prone to do, this mad family of ours, we spontaneously jumped into the SUV, headed to Arnold, rented our trusty 18ft canoe, loaded it to the hilt with all we needed for 5 days in the wilderness, and headed out to Utica Reservoir.


heading out…..

home sweet home….

Headed out literally – launching our canoe and two young daughters into the water and paddling out in search of one of the many isolated islands. Once found, we camped for 5 days. It takes quite some effort ensuring the contents of your canoe can service this family of 4 for 5 days , as this island has nothing on it save for the trees and the water that surrounds it. No power, no taps and no toilet facilities – you make those yourself. Eszter and I had decided late in the piece that we would produce a body of work for our most recent exhibition at Open Studios that centered entirely around the camping experience of these young girls. Goal being; the evocative memories of childhood….. I may have said their experience but it was really ours.


Below is a sample of the exhibition. To all of you who made the effort to visit thanks and those of you who purchased images, thank you. We hope you enjoy.



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