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The art of the personal project is a crucial element to let potential buyers and creatives see how you think creatively. Here’s a glimpse of one project we have in the works, titled “Workplace”. You really don’t need to travel that far to find the right subjects to bring an idea to life. Do some serious research, then knock on a few doors with a friendly smile and you’d be surprised how many willing participants will agree to the idea. Then the project might just snowball as in our case – we’re starting to lose count of our subjects. We simply love environmental portraiture. Images with a narrative. Characters’s that make you want to engage and ask questions. This project is ongoing for us and centre’s itself largely around our neighborhood in downtown San Francisco. A little sample below – we’ll continue to showcase more in small doses.

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It’s always great to see new work out there in the marketplace. This week CRI San Francisco launched their new branding across many platforms and its great to see so many of our images gracing their newly launched website. The result of 2 great days working collaboratively with Jennifer Merritt and the beautiful showroom of Herman Miller here in San Francisco. It was a whirlwind shoot that included 30 environmental portraits over 2 long days. A huge thank you to my team Eszter Matheson, Dylan Maddux and Preston Nesbit.

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