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It didn’t take long after the call came in from Cannonball Agency in St Louis for eszteranddavid, to realize this project was going to be big one! Cut to the chase and we were in it hook line and sinker to the tune of 65 automobiles and 85 talent, many playing duel roles. The Enterprise project consisted of a solid month long pre production process for us, including  location scouting, talent casting, scheduling, permitting, wardrobe fittings. etc, etc. Followed by an intense 10 day shoot and subsequent post production. Here’s a glimpse at some of the BTS.

Fitting day.

All hands on deck.

Everyone had  van it seemed.

Crew car.

Prep time.

Let the games begin.

Taking it to the streets.

Under cover.

Plating time.




Fast wheels.

Eszter in her zone. And that’s wrap.


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As a family we have spent many a summer week camping in the High Sierra of California, at our secret little spot on the water, enjoying down time. I’ve always wanted it just to be “down time” and enjoy the moments with my girls, without a professional camera in my hand. This year it took a different turn when we asked our daughter Ivy if we could spend an afternoon making some pictures of her in her favorite outdoors spot. Brief was simple – just have fun being who you are – doing what you love. We’d follow her and make things up as we went along. So here’s a selection of what we all collectively created that afternoon last month. A day I’ll never forget! Thanks to my girl’s Eszter, Ivy and Stella.

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I feel really privileged that we have been commissioned to photograph 3 x QT Hotel properties within the last 12 months. That good fortune continued recently when we ventured back to Queensland, Australia and the famed Surfers Paradise strip. The QT Gold Coast was our latest project we’ve collaborated on. “Nostalgic surfer chic meets Miami  catwalk cool” reads  the banner line introducing the hotel website. With that as a temptation, I was sure a good shoot would materialize. Here’s just a small sample of imagery we produced. View our website for more from the shoot. Check out their Instagram #qt_hotels #qtgoldcoast #qtlife

Again I had the opportunity to travel with great mate and creative collaborator Tom Hood, who just makes life and shooting so much easier, I am forever grateful to have him on board for these crazy hospitality shoots that run to no convention timing schedule. Thanks for your flexibility mate. BTS below.

Point break waves on approach to Surfers Paradise…..

Sand and surf for miles.

Essential production vehicle.

Good morning elevator.

Beach patrol.

A long way down.


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Spent some time recently on a assignment for April Six Agency out of San Francisco. They threw out the exciting prospect of heading to Toronto, Canada for a week to create a series of environmental portraits for Cogeco/ Peer 1,  a managed cloud, hosting and IT services company servicing the globe. Of course we jumped at the opportunity before realizing that a blizzard was on course for Toronto and we’d be working through a snow storm!! Had a great couple of days with a great and collaborative crew. Below are some of the results including the massive banners and OOH executions currently running across the country.


Post shoot we had a little time down in Toronto and got to see a lot of what this amazing city had to offer. Look forward to getting back there soon.

Thanks to a great crew, agency and client.




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Pleased to see imagery from our recent shoot at QT Museum Wellington, New Zealand finally making it’s way to the website and advertising for the re launch of the hotel.


We travelled to Wellington earlier this year on a commission to photograph the hotel under the new banner of QT Museum Wellington. This unique property now joining the portfolio of QT properties. Straight from their site it reads, ” Fall down the rabbit hole into an explosion of color and texture at Wellington’s new design-driven Hotel, QT Museum Wellington. Our walls host a curated collection of high & low brow art sitting in a stunning harbourside location & engulfed  by vines and vivd ivy.”

“Your new Wellington creative hub is the epitome of cool luxury – high tech, sophisticated spaces & a paradise for foodies. Go beyond your boundaries as you are challenged by the scale of our art while experiencing the comfort of having the modern traveller needs at your fingertips.”


Art, design, curiosities and a dash of the absurd – QT Museum Wellington.

Travelled with great mate and collaborator Tom Hood, as always we managed to mix a heavy dose of photography work with some downtime exploring the Martinborough wine region, in the South Wairarapa outside of Wellington. Thanks for the detailed research of finding some superb Pinot Noir destination’s Tom, favorite and stand out for me was 2014 John Martin Pinot Noir. Travel snaps below.






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I guess to me the best assignments are the one s that find us not only back home in Australia, but better still see me on assignment in my home town of Melbourne, Australia. Such was the case on my December jaunt, and assignment for the QT Hotel chain, one of my favorite clients of all time! There simply is no better client to work for than the Managing Director of Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited, the enigmatic Mr David Seargeant, an industry legend and all around great guy. Very seldom are you given the brief of, “just do what you do – I know ‘ll love what I get”. Seems simple enough but the psychology that runs far deeper, Mr Seargeant  always throws out the gauntlet to make each new shoot even better than the last, and therefore we always dig a little deeper. In this case it meant running a few 16 – 20 hours shifts to achieve what we were chasing. On assignment at a fully operational hotel running at 100% is always a mighty challenge but one that we revel in. Here’s just a glimpse of what we were able to achieve.










Thanks for the faith yet again David Seargeant and to all on premise at QT Melbourne for go the extra few yards with us. Look forward to continuing the fertile relationship.



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The State Fair of Texas, headquartered in Dallas is a fascinating place to visit if you’ve never been there before. Even more interesting if you are lucky enough to meet Don and Sharon Endsley and spend several days making portraits of the characters who perform in their roving Great AmericaWild West Show. Don and Sharon have spent their life together performing and being involved in the Western lifestyle Before creating the Great American Wild West Show Don spent almost 30 years as one of the top Professional rodeo announcers in the Country. He was the “voice” of the last NFR held in Oklahoma City in 1984. In 2011 Don was inducted into the texts Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame in Ft Worth, where they lived for 25 years.


The spectacular arena shows are the trademark but the Great American Wild West Show has been featured in many versions for venues like the legendary Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. Producing the Great American Wild West Show is a family operation with Don and Sharon writing the scripts, producing the music, designing lighting and special effects, booking show dates and always looking for new ways to make it more thrilling and exciting. It was an hilarious couple of days getting down and dirty at the Texas State Fair.


We had the opportunity to get behind the scenes and create a series of narrative portraits documenting many of the characters that make up the entourage. By far the standout for our crew was the amazingly talented Kyzer Stoddard, horseman extraordinaire – what a gift he has with animals and the camera just loves him. Thanks to these generous hosts and our amazing local crew. See you all again soon.






Thanks to these generous hosts and our amazing local crew. See you all again soon.



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The year has started in earnest here in San Francisco, bookings, scheduling new shoots, personal work, client connections, studio maintenance and the dreaded paperwork. Eszter is on a manic retouching schedule to finalize the 4 jobs she is juggling at the moment and I’m working hard to hold down the fort and the demands of 2 kids, who just missed a heck of schooling – great life but can get a little complicated at times!! Thought I’d put together a summer inspired post from our recent Bali job, including some new shots just coming out of post production and some BTS.

Family_Prints 8

Family_Prints 9

Family_Prints 12


Family_Prints 7


New work Double Six, Bali.


New work Double Six, Bali.

Sling_Bar_Long_74 copy

Sling Bar, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali

Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.


Plantation Grill, Double Six Hotel, Bali.

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With equipment in this industry evolving at such a volatile rate, it’s up to us to stay on top of current trends, software, and marketing patterns that may develop seemingly overnight. Social media being one of the most noteworthy, keeping up with how to better improve your brand can be a full time job (and for some people it is).

Luckily, with high end equipment that is built to perform and last many years, we get a little break from the insanely rapid development of new products that render yours obsolete. Take for example medium format camera systems. A digital back that was released in 2001 is still capable of producing a higher quality image (under the correct conditions) than today’s latest and greatest DSLRs. It may not be as convenient or quick, but the technology can still keep up.

The same goes with lighting gear. Our Profoto packs and heads are built to withstand anything short of the zombie apocalypse, but some new battery technology has dramatically reduced weight, recycle time, and maximum number of flashes out of a charge. The reduced weight especially comes in handy with air travel when you are traveling with this much gear:




If you know what Lithium Ion batteries are, you also know that they are a little bit lighter than a normal NiCad battery and significantly lighter than a Lead Acid battery (which is what comes standard in our Profoto flash packs, as well as underneath the hood of your car!). When we found out that we could save 5lbs per flash pack by switching to the new Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, we immediately called up B&H. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you are traveling with 5 or 6 batteries, it adds up. Not to mention it’s easier on the assistants shoulders when he has to carry all this stuff.

We don’t always buy every fancy new piece of equipment that comes around, but in cases like this, we couldn’t pass it up.

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Phew! This last month has been an absolute whirlwind. From dewy and damp mornings in Bolinas and sun-filled days amongst the grapevines in Napa, to rain-soaked load-ins in Tiburon and the scorching hot sun down south in Cabo San Lucas – seems like we’ve had a taste of just about everything these past few weeks. And now finally, a much deserved holiday break is upon us. Some time to take a breath and gather ourselves in the studio, and beyond.

The highlight of our most recent shoots was definitely our week-long stint down in Cabo San Lucas. Sunshine, 3:30am call times, margaritas, wicked sunburns, the bright blue ocean, sprinting between shoot locations in 90 degree heat..let’s just say it was a steady mix of pleasure and pain. But alas, the entire team pulled through at the end and the trip was an overwhelming success.

But traveling to another country for a shoot of that size is no easy feat. Language barriers, transportation, property and shooting limitations, airport equipment checks and baggage restrictions – anyone who’s traveled out of the country has probably encountered some of these issues along their trip. And having to arrange a week-long shoot for a team of eight, coordinate shipping for merchandise, planning for shooting and staging product – it seemed at some point along the way something would go horribly awry. But, no. Everything went smooth as could be. Largely due to our fantastic Spanish-speaking producer, but also because of the team chemistry. Everyone showed up with their game faces on, ready to work. And work we did. A lot. But we were also able to soak up some sun, relax by the pool, share some good laughs, and enjoy some margaritas. Can’t forget those delicious margaritas.

Below are some quick snaps of our beautiful home away from home, the shoot, and the joys of travel.

Las Ventanas

Not a bad way to spend the morning shooting…

Up at 4:00am to get this sunrise over the pool shot.

David taking a quick dip as the sun heats up. Careful with that camera!

The final sunrise of the trip. Never gets old.

Needless to say this porter got a good tip.

Airport customs equipment check. Thorough would be an understatement.



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