— eszteranddavid —

THE FENCE at photoville, Brooklyn, New York City.

Somehow this little gem slipped through the cracks!!


On a recent trip to New York shooting, whilst staying at Nu Hotel in Brooklyn my morning stroll landed me at the waters edge, and if the Manhattan skyline in the early hours of the morning wasn’t enough to inspired by, I stumbled across THE FENCE at photoville, and completely lost track of time.


Visit the site, read about and view the incredible work. A must see if you are lucky enough to land yourself in by any chance. My favorite images were a series shot by Sam Comen entitled “Lost Hills”, check out his website, his stunningly vibrant portraiture is entrancing. In fact take the time to go through each of the artists that appear in the competition, truly amazing stuff and a goal of mine in the coming months is to shoot a series to submit to next years event. Would love to have our images gracing the fence!!



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