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Villa Mitzu, Bali, Indonesia

Just back in town from a great 2 weeks shooting in Bali for the new Double Six Luxury Hotel, great client, great brand, great new hotel. Now that shoot had it all, interiors, exteriors, models, casting, production, underwater photography and our 2 kids along for the ride! With such a hectic shoot we did need to indulge in a little downtime with a stay at Villa Mitzu courtesy of the very generous, Robert Marchetti and Jeremy Ferris. But as is my usual MO, I needed to take more pics. Grabbed myself an underwater housing and a handsome Spaniard and eszteranddavid were back to work!!

Here’s a couple of unretouched pics straight from the camera, can’t wait to see where Eszter takes these in post production. We will post results when they are at hand.

Jason_Villa_Mitzu 22


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 7


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 8


Jason_Villa_Mitzu 5


David the photographer.

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